Ridley X-Bow 20 Allroad

Nieuwe Ridley X-Night Disc, Helium SL en X-Bow CX Allroad

De Ridley modellen 2014 werden nog maar enkele maanden geleden aan het grote publiek voorgesteld. Toch kon het Britse Road.cc op de Sportline trade show in de UK reeds een sneak preview te pakken krijgen van onder andere de X-Night Disc die in het gamma 2015 zullen opgenomen worden. Wij zetten naar goede gewoonte hun belangrijkste bevindingen voor u op een rijtje:

X-Bow CX Allroad

"We think this new X-Bow 20 Disc Allroad is the first time Ridley have offered a bike with mudguards. What they’ve done is basically taken their regular X-Bow cyclo-cross racer and assembled it with colour matched mudguards, some snazzy coordinated bar tape and saddle, and fast rolling slightly treaded tyres. Less cyclo-cross and more road, so ideal for winter training, cycling to work or just riding for fun. Looks spot on for British cycling."

"It costs £999 which seems fairly reasonable, with a Shimano Sora groupset and 4ZA finishing kit. They’ve fitted Continental Cyclocross Speed tyres, but you could equally install a wide slick on there."

Ridley X-Bow Disc Allroad

Ridley X-Bow Disc Allroad

X-Night Disc

"Ridley are highly respected in the cyclo-cross world and now that disc brakes, with the advent of proper hydraulic options from Shimano and SRAM (once they’ve been reissued after their recall) disc brakes are really starting to filter up into the top ranks of the sport. Ridley really needed a disc bike for when the pendulum swings towards disc brakes being the favoured choice for world cup racers, and here it is. They’ve used X-Night as the starting platform, itself a fairly new bike which Ridley only launched a short while ago, and it their lightest cyclo-cross carbon frame to date."

"This isn’t their first cyclo-cross bike with disc brakes though, they had the X-Ride Disc previously. This bike though is based on the X-Night, the super light cyclo-cross frameset they developed and launched last year. The frame is constructed from high-modulus carbon fibre with a press-fit 30 bottom bracket, a tapered head tube and all hoses and cables are internally routed. The routing through the fork and chainstay, and how the entry and exit ports are dealt with, is very tidy. Notice also that there is no external battery on this bike, they’re using Shimano’s new internal battery."

"Ah disc brakes, so controversial right now. Here’s a good look at Shimano’s hydro disc brakes. Interestingly Ridley haven't’ specced Shimano’s own FREEZA rotors with the cooling fins, instead opting for lighter rotors. You can see clearly here the Ice-Tech finned brake pads, Shimano’s unique method of increasing cooling. Those fins basically act like a heatsink, sucking heat away from the pads to prevent heat buildup, the biggest issue for road discs."

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